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Previous Competitions

  • 20th Open National Abacus Online Competition – 10th Dec 2020
  • 19th Open National Abacus Online Competition – 10th Nov 2020
  • 1st International Abacus OLYMPIAD – 5th Oct 2020
  • 18th Open National Abacus Online Competition 28th Aug 2020
  • 17th Open National Abacus Online Competition –  10th June 2020
  • 16th Open National Abacus Online Competition – 10th May 2020
  • 15th Open National Abacus Online Competition –  10th April 2020
  • 14th Open National Abacus Online Competition – 10th March 2020


  1. Course Instructors i.e. Teachers / Franchises / Co-ordinators must confirm Student details with his/her parents before registering online.
  2. The participant should be present at the Examination Venue at least 15 minutes before the allotted time slot.
  3. Only Students participating in the Competition should use the Online Examination System.
  4. The webcam is compulsory. A live photograph of every participant will be captured and uploaded at the time of Registration. During the Final Examination, the System will take a photograph of the participant. The system will also record the video of the entire examination of every participant.
  5. Last-minute Webcam failure cases will not be considered while taking out the Final Result.
  6. Practice Papers will be available 24 hours.
  7. Parents / Franchises / Course Instructors i.e. Teachers / Co-coordinator are not allowed to use the examination system during Main Examination. Anyone other than Participant/Student found using the Examination System while the participant is attempting the Main Examination, the Student/Participant will be disqualified.
  8. No Re-examination will be conducted for any of the Participants under any circumstances.


  1. Once the registration process is over and the user Id is generated by the system, No Changes can be done in the information entered. Student details once entered will be considered as final.
  2. Every Student can register only Once. Multiple registrations/entries (In 1 Category or More than 1 Category) of a Student is not accepted by the System. In such cases, 1st Registration will be considered and subsequent registrations will be disqualified automatically.

Exam Fees

  1. The student will be allowed to attempt the Practice Sessions or Main Examination from the system only after paying the Examination Fees.


  1. Result once declared will stand as final.
  2. Participation as well as Winner Certificate will be available on Student Dashboard for download/print.

Company Rules

  1. Practice Papers and Final Examination Paper pattern might be different. The Company reserves complete right to implement such changes. .